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Alcest Band Wiki

Alcest is a French band formed in 2000 by Neige (Stéphane Paut), who is the sole member and primary songwriter. The band’s music is often described as a blend of black metal, shoegaze, and post-rock, creating a unique and atmospheric sound.


Alcest was originally formed as a black metal band, with their early releases showcasing a more traditional black metal sound. However, over the years, Neige began to incorporate elements of shoegaze and post-rock into the band’s music, resulting in a significant shift in their sound.

The band’s debut album, “Souvenirs d’un autre monde,” released in 2007, marked a turning point for Alcest. The album received critical acclaim for its dreamy and ethereal sound, combining heavy guitars with shimmering melodies and Neige’s haunting vocals.

Following the success of their debut, Alcest released several more albums, including “Écailles de lune” (2010), “Les Voyages de l’Âme” (2012), and “Kodama” (2016). Each album showcased the band’s evolving sound, with a focus on atmospheric and introspective compositions.

Influences and Musical Style

Alcest’s music is heavily influenced by a variety of genres, including black metal, shoegaze, post-rock, and even elements of classical music. Neige has cited bands such as Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, and Sigur Rós as major influences on his songwriting.

The band’s musical style is characterized by a juxtaposition of heavy, distorted guitars and ethereal, melodic passages. Neige’s vocals often alternate between harsh screams and soft, clean singing, adding to the emotional depth of the music.

Alcest’s lyrics often explore themes of dreams, nature, and spirituality. The band’s name itself is derived from the word “alcestis,” which refers to a figure in Greek mythology associated with the afterlife.

Live Performances

Alcest is known for their captivating live performances, which bring their atmospheric soundscapes to life on stage. The band’s shows often feature immersive visual elements, such as projections and lighting effects, enhancing the overall experience for the audience.

Over the years, Alcest has toured extensively, performing at major music festivals and headlining their own shows around the world. Their live performances have garnered a dedicated fan base, drawn to the band’s ability to create a transcendent and emotionally charged atmosphere.


Alcest has released several studio albums throughout their career, each showcasing the band’s evolution and growth. Some of their notable releases include:

  • Souvenirs d’un autre monde (2007)
  • Écailles de lune (2010)
  • Les Voyages de l’Âme (2012)
  • Kodama (2016)

These albums have received critical acclaim and have solidified Alcest’s place in the alternative music scene.


Alcest is a band that defies easy categorization, blending elements of black metal, shoegaze, and post-rock to create a unique and atmospheric sound. With their dreamy compositions and emotionally charged performances, Alcest has carved out a distinct place in the music world, captivating listeners with their ethereal and introspective music.

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